The Company

Kenny Stewart

Moja Ltd, was set up in 2005 by Kenny Stewart. Kenny had spent ten years as a staff and freelance editor working on wide a range of broadcast programming.

Moja's first production was co-produced with MacTV. A documentary about "Sad Day We Left the Croft", an LP produced in the Western Isles during the latter stages of "Punk Rock", was an engaging insight to the lives of the young bands who took part in the recordings, the scene at that moment in time, and a reunion of two original bands to perform.

Moja produced a documentary "Ann am Bàta, nam aonar" ("The Rowing Man") which was nominated for the Celtic Film Festival 2009. It is the story of Niall Iain MacDonald who suffered from severe depression. It is a door into an otherwise closed world. Niall Iain talks candidly about his illness and the affect it has on his daily life. The programme follows Niall Iain as he prepares to take on a challenge, rowing the Minch single handed.

The current production is an original animation, Fraochy Bay. Fraochy Bay is a series of twenty short stories based in a fictional highland town.


Moja has a full online Avid edit suite mastering onto Digibeta. The system is available for hire with an editor.

Moja can provide Vision Mixing, Production, and Directing services.

About Moja

Moja TV

Moja is a small independent television production company run by Kenny Stewart. Full services for TV production. Editing, producing, multi-camera directing, sound recording and even animation.

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